Column Covers


Column Covers

Interior and exterior structural columns of various materials, shapes and sizes can be covered to enhance the aesthetic appearance of a building. In addition, they serve as a cost-saving measure because they are durable and easy to maintain. The shape of the column may be round, square or angular and the core can be made of masonry, concrete, wood or steel.

What we can Do?

  • Aluminum
  • 1. Pre-anodized, post-anodized, PPG Duranar or Duracron paint
    2. Thickness from 0.080″ to 0.125″
    3. Maximum height is 12′

  • Stainless Steel
  • 1. 304-#4 Brush Finish, XL Blend S, XL Buff Polished
    2. 16 gauge to 11 gauge
    3. Maximum height is 12′

The column covers may be produced as half circles or quarter circles. They can be fitted either horizontally or vertically to accommodate installation and design objectives. Internal members are generally used to fasten the column covers using sub-girths, brackets and clips.